Keeping the house spotless

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Keeping the house spotless

I just can't relax unless the house is clean. I recently broke my ankle and have been laid up while my family keeps making a mess all around me. It was driving me mad so I have been getting in a cleaning service 3 times a week just to make sure that the house isn't destroyed by the time I can move again. I am starting this blog to keep me occupied and to help out the rest of the mums out there that have had similar accidents and need to keep sane while their house is turning messy around them!

Getting Your Wedding Dress Ready for Professional Cleaning

Weddings are famously expensive occasions, with pretty much every part of the big day increasing your overall budget by a considerable amount. Often one of the most expensive things you'll hand over cash for is the wedding dress but, of course, it's not just the monetary cost that makes it an important item. For most people, it's an irreplaceable memento of one of the best days of your life. For that very reason, how you handle your dress after your wedding day is extremely important, so it can be safely preserved. Read More 

3 Cleaning Tips to Help Rent Your Vacation Property Fast

Keeping your vacation property clean is the first step to attracting tenants during the holidays. Also, it helps to prolong the life of the appliances, furniture and furnishings and saves you from incurring repair costs every time you need a new tenant. Deep cleaning before advertising your property can help you rent it fast. This is because even the photos you post online will showcase a well-maintained home where every person would love to spend their vacation. Read More 

The importance of end of lease cleaning for landlords

Whether you are an experienced property owner with a portfolio containing several properties or a novice property owner, one thing you should not forget about is the essence of having your property professionally scrubbed at the end of every tenancy. This kind of cleaning is referred to as end of lease cleaning, tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning. Read on for more insight. Why should you include it in your tenancy contract? Read More 

Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Home

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. There are so many processes to go through and so many things to think about that cleaning the property is often an unwelcome chore that gets left to the last minute. Here are 4 useful tips to help with your end of lease clean to ensure the property is fresh and in a good state to hand back.    Read More 

Making Sure You Get Maximum Bond Back at the End of Lease

Most renters are eager to get back their bond at the end of the lease, with a valuable 4 weeks of rent sitting there waiting for their landlord to release it. Here are some ways to ensure that you get the maximum amount of bond back.  Dig out that pre-tenancy checklist Hopefully, you've still got a copy of the inspection checklist you did before you moved in, and any photos you took at the time. Read More