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Keeping the house spotless

I just can't relax unless the house is clean. I recently broke my ankle and have been laid up while my family keeps making a mess all around me. It was driving me mad so I have been getting in a cleaning service 3 times a week just to make sure that the house isn't destroyed by the time I can move again. I am starting this blog to keep me occupied and to help out the rest of the mums out there that have had similar accidents and need to keep sane while their house is turning messy around them!

Is a Steam Clean Better For Carpets Than a Shampoo?

If you want to have a carpet cleaned, then you might not be sure whether to book a steam clean or a shampoo. While carpet shampooing works well in many cases, steam cleaning has some benefits that might suit you better.

What are the benefits of having your carpets steam-cleaned rather than shampooed?

Faster Drying Times

If you shampoo a carpet, then you have a longer drying time. You wet the carpet during the shampooing process. You then have to rinse the shampoo out of the carpet. This process wets it again.

You might have to wait a couple of days for the carpet to dry completely. This can be inconvenient if your carpet is in a room or area you use all the time.

You'll usually have a faster drying time with a steam clean. This process uses steam to clean a carpet rather than lots of water. While the steam itself will make the carpet wet, it won't get as wet as it would with shampoo.

Plus, you don't add extra water because you don't need to rinse a carpet after steam cleaning it. Some machines also extract water at the end of the process to speed up drying times.

No Chemicals

If you shampoo a carpet, then you add a cleaning product to it. This helps bring the dirt out of the carpet.

However, this also introduces a chemical into your home, which might be a problem if you have allergies. You also have to ensure that you remove all the shampoo after the cleaning process to avoid leaving a sticky residue behind.

Steam cleaning processes don't use anything other than water to clean a carpet. You don't have to worry about chemicals or residues.

Better Hygiene Control

While a shampoo can effectively clean regular stains and dirt out of a carpet, it might not give you additional hygiene benefits. For example, a shampoo might not completely deal with pests from the carpet's fibres if you have pets at home. Flea eggs might stay deep in the fibres.

A steam clean has additional hygiene benefits. This type of cleaning typically uses higher temperatures. These higher temperatures can eliminate bacteria; they can also kill off pest eggs. So, if your cat or dog has passed fleas into your carpet, a steam cleaning should get rid of any fleas and their eggs.

For more advice, contact local carpet cleaning contractors.