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Keeping the house spotless

I just can't relax unless the house is clean. I recently broke my ankle and have been laid up while my family keeps making a mess all around me. It was driving me mad so I have been getting in a cleaning service 3 times a week just to make sure that the house isn't destroyed by the time I can move again. I am starting this blog to keep me occupied and to help out the rest of the mums out there that have had similar accidents and need to keep sane while their house is turning messy around them!

Essential Commercial Cleaning Tips for a Happier Office

When your employees work in a clean environment, they're working in a happy environment. Hygiene is a hot topic that's important to many people. As such, your approach to commercial cleaning can determine how content your workforce is. With a few essential tips, you can make sure your office is hygienic and a comfortable place to work in.

Prioritise Hand Hygiene

Make it easier for your employees to promote a hygienic environment by giving them the right tools. Add antibacterial hand gel to each desk so they can sanitise their hands without having to go to the toilet. Additionally, make sure your washrooms always feature an abundance of soap and working hand dryers. With these two tools, you make it easier for employees to stay hygienic and reduce their risk of spreading viruses.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter can result in employees becoming less productive, as it isn't easy for them to access everything they need. Additionally, a tidier space may boost their productivity. From a cleanliness perspective, your commercial cleaner may find it harder to keep desks clean when they're brimming with clutter. Dispose of or store away unnecessary items regularly, and provide tools such as pen holders to help employees stay organised.

Create Cleaning Schedules

The chances are, you probably already use a commercial cleaning service. However, are you paying attention to all those areas that may be neglected? Carpets, rugs, lifts, and outdoor window ledges may not receive the right attention during your building's regular cleans. Speak to your usual commercial cleaner and ask them to help you create a routine schedule for tackling them. In addition to making sure your office looks pristine, this is a great way to boost employee morale.

Focus on Communal Areas

Communal areas such as designated smoking spaces and kitchens soon build up dirt faster than the rest of the office. Examine them and see whether you're providing your employees with everything they need to keep them clean. For example, adequate bins in a kitchen and sponges for quick wipe downs. If you notice that bins are overflowing, either increase the number of times someone collects rubbish or find bigger bins.

Clean Electronics Regularly

Your mice, laptop keyboards, and monitors attract dust. They can soon become unhygienic too when you don't clean them regularly. Try finding suitable wipes and set a time to clean them each week. Encourage your employees to do the same so that electronics throughout the office aren't harbouring large amounts of debris.

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