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Keeping the house spotless

I just can't relax unless the house is clean. I recently broke my ankle and have been laid up while my family keeps making a mess all around me. It was driving me mad so I have been getting in a cleaning service 3 times a week just to make sure that the house isn't destroyed by the time I can move again. I am starting this blog to keep me occupied and to help out the rest of the mums out there that have had similar accidents and need to keep sane while their house is turning messy around them!

Making Sure You Get Maximum Bond Back at the End of Lease

Most renters are eager to get back their bond at the end of the lease, with a valuable 4 weeks of rent sitting there waiting for their landlord to release it. Here are some ways to ensure that you get the maximum amount of bond back. 

Dig out that pre-tenancy checklist

Hopefully, you've still got a copy of the inspection checklist you did before you moved in, and any photos you took at the time. This is the standard that you need to get the house back to, minus any reasonable wear and tear over the duration of the tenancy. Use this is as a reference material when cleaning and doing small fix-it jobs around the house. It's also a good document to refer to if the landlord does deduct any amounts from the bond. 

Contract a professional end of lease cleaner

Rather than spending several trips going back and forward to your old home doing small cleaning jobs to make sure you have met every standard, it can be much more cost effective and efficient to get a professional end of lease cleaning service. The cleaners are experienced in doing cleans of this sort and usually offer a guarantee so that they will clean any remaining issues that the landlord brings up.  

Carry out any extra cleaning requirements

If you have had pets in the house you may have extra requirements such as carpet cleaning and steaming cleaning of curtains in order to get back yor bond. It can be worth reviewing your rental agreement in case you did agree to any unusual cleaning requirements when you first signed your lease. 

Check the outside of the house

It's also worth making sure that the outside of the house including windows, gutters and gardens are in tip top condition. Your bond also extends to these outdoors areas so if the garden has been let to run wild for the last little while it may take more than a single gardening session to get it back to the original condition. Try to keep the garden under control, and if you know the end of the lease is coming up consider booking a few appointments with a gardener to help ensure there are no nagging issues that could result in your bond being docked. 

Good luck getting your bond back. Paying for some extra help cleaning and gardening can often help ensure you get back the maximum amounts and a get a stellar rental reference.